Suitable for Print on Demand and Dropshipping

DTG printing is our main print method for dropshipping since its fast, cost effective, and doesn't require setup beforehand.

Works Best with Cotton Garments

DTG works best with cotton based garments for maximum color vibrancy. Using premium tees made of ring spun cotton improves print quality.

Works with Cotton Blends

DTG will work with cotton/poly blends. Higher quality tees work best when printing on blends.

Doesn't Work with Polyester

Our current DTG ink only binds to cotton fiber, it won't work very well with polyester based garments.  

Needle and Thread instead of Ink

Embroidery is the process of decorating a garment using a needle and thread to stitch your design into fabric.

Suitable for Print on Demand

Embroidery works well for the dropshipping business model as it's perceived as a premium product by customers with a handmade feel.

Handmade Look and Feel

Perceived as a premium product that you can charge a premium for.

Some Setup Involved

Getting started with embroidery involves turning your artwork into a digitized file that the machine will use to then stitch your design into fabric.

Great for Large Orders

Screen printing has some setup involved so it's best for larger orders. Very low cost printing. Email for rates.

Great for White Only Designs

Screen printing allows us to achieve super bright white prints on darker garments. Works with print on demand for 1 color designs only.

Smooth Feel

We heat press our screen prints afterwards to achieve a super soft feel which your customers will love!

Think of a Sticker

Vinyl Printing is basically printing your design onto a sheet and then applying that sheet onto a garment using heat. If done correctly, vinyl lasts for years. 

Unlimited Color

Like DTG, vinyl allows for a broad range of colors. It's suitable for situations where DTG doesn't work well like when printing on polyester or really thick hoodies.

Great For Branding Your Own Tees

Vinyl is a great way to make custom neck tags for your clothing brand which adds value and authenticity to your products!